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Brochures, also called booklet or pamphlet, is a fold of paper that contains promotional materials and production information, serving as advertising purpose. They are normally displayed on showing stands, as a take-away from trade shows, stores, or banks. People that are interested in a company or learning more of their products information will pick up a brochure.

IMColorPrint offers highly competitive pricing for brochure printing service, helping you save up to 40% off due to our offset printing production line advantages. Being one of the best printing companies in mainland China, we can guarantee the overall quality on products finally delivered to you. Contact us now to get quotes.

Paper Stocks Selections:
✦ gloss art paper (C1S & C2S)
✦ offset paper

Gloss art paper is the best choice for a brochure. 157gsm & 128gsm gloss art stock are recommended. If you are looking for something that is easy to write on, 100gsm or 120gsm offset paper are the choice.

—-all paper stocks we use are FSC certified.

Brochure size and Folding:
There are totally 11 different folding for brochures. Size reference also available, please refer to below table—brochure size table.

Finishing is not quite necessary for a brochure unless you require them to look better and is willing to pay extra for that.  Aqueous coating is suggested instead of lamination in this case because it’s of lower cost. It helps color to look more vibrant and offer protection on the sheet.

More products pictures are available as reference for our custom brochure printing service, if you want to check out, please feel free to contact us.

Shipment & Packaging


1. Ocean shipment

Ocean shipment is used very widely as shipment option. Depending on the locations, ocean shipment generally takes one month time.  Some area need to takes longer time if transship is required to destination port.

Bulk cargo or full container?
Depends on total volume of your order, two loading options are available, Bulk cargo(LCL-less than container load) or full container(FCL-full container load),  normally under 24 cubic meters, we use bulk cargo; and over 24 cubic meters, we should use full container?

Container selection: 20”GP, 40”GP, or 40”HC?
Below is a chart for selecting right container size.</span >

Container Max Volumn (cubic meters) Max Weight (ton)
20”GP 24-26 17.5
40”GP 54 22
40”HC 68 22


2. Courier shipment (Air Shipment)

Clients may have a very tight time schedule and require quick shipment; courier shipment is a good choice.  Besides, for some smaller orders, that with smaller volume and lower weights, it should be more worthy to ship via air instead of ocean.  We will advice our clients for this after we calculate the weight and volume for their order.

General courier shipment service takes 5-10 days, depends on the area that cargo delivered to. For highly emergency order, expedite courier could be applied, which is delivered within 2-3 days.


I’M color use export-standard packaging, standard quality cartons, which can perfectly protect products from damages during shipments. For extra heavy packs, we add double yellow bands.

We also provide variety of inside packaging selections such as blister; PP bags; craft paper wrapping; inside cartons. If you need to add these, please make sure to let us know before your order.

We can supply wood pallets with fumigation certificates, so you can save cost getting the certificates for shipments and save time!  Plastic pallets are also available, which don’t require certificate of fumigation. Please contact us if you need more information from this.

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