Why Choose Us

Professional Customer Support

When you are planning or just looking for the possibility buying custom printing service from China, 3 main questions may come to your mind in the first place.

1.How to buy?

What are the steps to make a purchase order from China? This is always a headache for oversea customers especially who is the first time to buy from China.  If you are lucky visiting this site, then we can tell you don’t worry, as we will show you very clear directions and instructions of every steps, including shipment via air or ocean.

2.How to design your product? –then making right decision finally.

This is helpful for customers who

  • only has general ideas in mind, but don’t know how to do specifically, or they even don’t have an image in mind
  • has clear ideas of what they want the product to be, but still need to hear good advice

We help with all these. By knowing the printing or packaging requirements from customers, we provide professional advice and suggestions.  For example, we show you all available products styles, then we suggest on stocks which you prefer basing on your favorite, function and use of the product. We suggest on what special processing or finishing should be applied.  We also offer different solutions considering cost saving issues.

3.English Communication is a problem? – Issue about effect communication.

Misunderstanding during communications will probably lead to unexpected lost or mistake which will delay your whole project.  This happens a lot if you are dealing with Chinese suppliers.

Many Chinese printing suppliers have English speaking people. However, the simply English language ability is far more than enough, when it comes to communication, that’s the other thing. Communication is all about understanding, effective and correctly exchange of ideas and meanings.  Results will be quite different if the communications between customers and the business providers is weak.

This is how we are different… Staffs at IMColorPrint possess the right ability of English communication.  Our staffs are all well trained for this, from our rich experience of many years working with oversea clients.

Quality Guarantee

Quality is a topic that we discuss mostly with our customers. Good quality acquires our customers smile, this is what we care the first and the most.

How we achieve high quality?  This is not just telling but achieving in IMColorPrint.

  • We are ISO-9001:2016 awarded
  • We are running strict quality control and management system for all of our printing and packaging products. 100% quality check implemented before delivery from factory
  • Our workshops all assembled with advanced equipment
  • We don’t suggest cheap printing paper stocks, we always suggest better stocks if we are sure cost different is not much, why not use better material as they decide quality of final product .
    Tell us your budget, we suggest the best!!
  • We don’t accept low resolution artwork.
  • We do not change customers’ artwork if not approved to do this. If we think the change should or must be done, then we will get approval from clients before doing anything.  We suggest, and clients decide.
  • Packing is also important.  We use standard export packing. In some case, if products need extra protection, we will advise. Good packing also avoids damages during shipment.
  • We will take care of every complains from clients when they found problem products, if that’s the case, we are not running away from that. We will investigate this carefully until problem is solved.

Cost Saving

The main reason that customers choose to buy printing and packaging products from a printer in China is that they can get lower price from these Chinese suppliers. They can easily find suppliers in China with cheap price, but the fact is that they always worry about quality, service and commutations. This is just why you should choose IMColorPrint.

  • We offer high competitive price, but not by giving up quality–Poor quality is just a waste which might lead to higher cost at the end for customers to dealing with this, we understand this.
  • We believe in Win Win Situation–We focus and are looking for creating long terms relationships with customers, so we would like to offer reasonable price.
  • We offer different solutions on products–By knowing customer’s need, we normally come up several solutions, so the customers can choose the most suitable ones and these processes always help them saving lots cost as well.
  • We help in choosing the right shipment method—shipment is a big part of cost that oversea customs should consider adding in their final cost in purchasing from China. By analyzing customers preference, such as urgency issue, delivered locations, and budget they would spend in shipment, we calculate a most economical way to either go with ocean or air shipment; bulk cargo or full container, fast or slow shipment etc. so our customers can find the best way in shipment and won’t waste their money.